Catalogue design in bulk?

Can someone tell me how I can make a full sheet of gift tags that are included in the GF Premium Free Designs?

Since we can’t export the design to Inkscape, etc., how do I make a template or print a full sheet of them without manually lining them all up in the GF software?

TIA for your help!

A full sheet of one gift tag design would be accomplished with copy and paste. I don’t know that you can mix and match the gift tag files.


Thanks. I was trying to get around that (it’s not difficult, just tedious when the item is 3" x 1"). lol

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Yeah, copy 5, select all five and copy, select 10 and copy—carry on.


So…the customer might actually provide me with a template, so literally all I have to do is print/cut.

It would be their own design, but similar in size and text to this:

What would you charge for a full sheet of these, engraved/scored/cut on 1/8" BB?
(I’m assuming I could fit about 60/sheet?)

I HATE pricing and honestly suck at it (I just want to create! LOL). But this job would be good to do ~ not for the $, but for the exposure.

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At minimum $2-3 per tag plus design time.


That’s what I was thinking. I initially said $3/ea. if I did the design. But he said that was too $, and asked what it would be if they provided their own template? (It’s a friend’s husband who outsources EVERYTHING abroad, so he’s a tough one. LOL He’s also familiar with CNC lasers, AutoCAD, etc. so he likes specs and calculations to support/justify pricing.)

Interested to hear others weigh in re: pricing per tag - printing only (no designing)

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You’re never going to complete with an overseas factory - and you don’t want to get exposure to people who want you to compete with an overseas factory. So if they provide a :glowforge: ready design I could see dropping it to $2.50, but figure what a sheet of material is costing you, the time it takes to run a full sized design with an engrave (it’s going to be a looong time with an engrave), your time to babysit the machine, to time pull and unmask or clean the labels. Also if they want them finished it’s a choice between upping the material cost and getting PG, or the time it will take you to sand and stain and poly.

My baseline is whatever I figure my costs are, tripled - and that’s my base


An uneducated customer doesn’t diminish your worth. Your price is your price - what is it worth to you to do the job?
(Just for giggles, price out a similar job in the same quantities at Ponoko or any other online laser cutting service)


I never do business with people like that. They’re not in my shoes so they can’t have any valid insight as to what the price should be. Once started down that road they won’t stop - discounts for being a repeat customer, for volume, for offering references, it never ends.

The only input from a potential customer about a price is whether it’s more than they’re willing to pay. That’s okay because it’s what they value the work to be.

My price is what the work’s value is to me to do - and a fair amount of that comes down to whether it’s interesting or not or whether I like the customer or not.

My price may not be low enough for a buyer, but that just means perhaps I ought not sell it - I can’t and won’t compete in a race to the bottom.


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