Catching up sharing my project pictures

I am so happy to say that many people are happy that I have a GF! :slight_smile: I love it when someone comes up to me and quizzes me about various materials or ideas because it spurs my creativity also, just like the wonderful sharing everyone does on this forum. What a great community!!

These are items I’ve done in the past month. The round 2-sided discs are golf ball markers–I made 4 to share with friends of ours during a 3-day tournament we played in and everyone went nuts over them. I ended up with an order for 100 from a business owner (who said he’d pay for everything and let me put my business logo/info on the back), one for a woman who wanted Father’s Day gifts and another for 200 for a memorial tournament.
The glass jars are a reuse/recycle thing which went over fabulously! I love Yankee candles and just can’t part with the glass jars and nice metal lids so I decided to make one for a friend’s birthday gift and made a special nut mix for him. I made his biz logo. Did one for myself too :slight_smile: I also have square-ish glass jars with black metal lids which I already see for Christmas gifts and my special snack mix.


Lovely! I like the idea of jar lids. :grinning:

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Nice! Really fun projects.

How exciting to get some paying gigs! Your creations are great!


The ball marker idea is good. I’ll have to make a few of those. I like the reuse/recycle of the glass jars. And stay tuned for a golf-themed post from me. If I can ever get it finished. One of my biggest projects.


Can’t wait to see your golf-themed post!!! :slight_smile:

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Really nice, however you might want to blur your phone number since these images end up everywhere :sunglasses:

I have two Golf Courses here so it looks like a visit to the Pro shop is in order now. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you…just never think of it. Small town mentality :grimacing:
I found that organizers of tournaments and sponsors are usually very interested in marketing items.

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