Ccan you laser Joint Compound?

I wanted to play with joint compound art. Can you laser dry joint compound on wood?

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Probably? What’s it made of?

Check out #4:

Most drywall products are composed of a lot of gypsum which is a mineral and mineral stuff tends to be safe to laser, though not super affected by it. I feel like @rbtdanforth might have opinions here because some minerals change chemical composition when you heat them… he seems pretty up on that stuff from his pottery experience.


It says Limestone, water, perlite, attapulgite and proprietary ingredients

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If you try this – – you will have a massive amount of dust.


True I didn’t consider that


You are talking basically about lasering concrete. Assuming “proprietary ingredients” does not include something crazy. Of course, when limestone is heated it breaks down into calcium oxide and carbon dioxide after which the calcium oxide grabs water out of the air creating quicklime.

As marble is metamorphic limestone the same thing happens in that as well…