Ceased Door Hinge

Hello I’m waiting to hear back from Glowforge on a ceased door hinge, I was going to buy another machine from them but not now, if you need parts for something you paid for and they don’t have a site for ordering parts but instead I’m waiting around, It’s Just kinda weird, especially when I can fix it myself! Unless there is a site already for ordering all parts on a Glowforge!

The parts routinely available can be found here. others are not but you need to speak with support to get them.

That part is not available in the store as it is not intended to fail. You’re the first person to break one that we’ve seen here.

Support takes about one business day to respond. Opening multiple tickets will just slow things down.

Thanks! Yes I know I’m impatient :laughing:!! But I think Glowforge should have a store just for ordering parts all parts for the machine!

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I know but man shouldn’t have to wait around to order what you need! Thanks for the info!

Hello @perrington_j, I see you’ve also emailed us about this and we’ve responded to you there, so I’m going to close this topic.