Ceci n'est pas une pipe


One advantage the production units have over the PRUs is that the power profiles are recorded at the factory and used to perfect the engrave settings (as I understand it and I could be wrong), so I’ve been itching to try out engraves on my brand-new Basic.

This is a quick & dirty test: Grayscale image straight from Wikimedia Commons with default F-S engrave settings applied to a piece of scrap birch ply (box store, not Proofgrade):

Notice Magritte’s signature at the bottom right…

The uneven coloration is caused by voids in the cheapo plywood, illustrating why Proofgrade can be superior for these projects. The piece is about 3 x 5 inches. Given the ad hoc nature of this test, I’m tickled pink with the results.


That turned out great! :grinning:
(Message is a little confusing though…it sure looks like a pipe.)


That was sort of the point at the time…