Celastic earsavers?

I have a lot of Celastic hanging about, and it does have a two-step process of getting wet with acetone and drying but at 1mm thick it is quite light, strong. and flexible and will hold up to autoclaves better than acrylic.

They do look like cardboard and are as rough as cardboard but are what I have a lot of.

Any ideas about suitability to use? Are folks likely to assume they are cardboard and reject them, or even reject as not making a good first impression without testing? I would hate to make a few thousand and have folk turn their nose up at them.


Does it tolerate being wiped with alcohol or bleach wipes? That’s how earsavers get cleaned at my hospital…

Another user on the forum posted these cool ear savers that are really easy to sanitize.
its kinda a one size fits all unless you just get a few sizes of paper clips but it couldn’t be more simple, cheaper and more effective in my opinion than this.


Don’t get close to the MRI in use :wink:


lol might feel them gain some gravity in that situation, might be able to get away with a non ferrous clip. it would still be influenced by the magnetic field but to a lesser extent. and they have plastic paper clips as well.


I helped put an MRI in an 18 wheeler trailer that had a fixed magnet. It was even able to do MRIs while driving down the highway. And passing cars would have jumped up and stuck to the sides if everything was not shielded, which would have been very embarrassing :flushed:

All the tools used are beryllium copper,

neat, should be able to pick that up at any hardware store :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: jkin


Any hardware store that also sold MRI machines :grinning:

Grainger sells them, Apparently good for working around flammable and explosive conditions as well.


Hey you missed the E in your quote grab, I have a hard enough time making myself look literate as it is lol


Something makes me want them. Even at the $800 price tag. :smiley:


be sure to pick me up a set when you are down there.

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I’ll bet that a bit of beryllium in gold would harden it as well, Beryllium makes most metals super hard but is incredibly poisonous.

bad comment

not unlike some past personal experiences

So no licking the tools when im done with them? Whats the point of buying them then.


It is fairly safe as the one percent in copper. Do not know for sure but grabbing hold of the metal like that would suggest it would do the same to other things like your blood or something.