Celebration Jar - found out I'm a future uncle!

I made a new design for a “guest book” that I am going to making for some up coming weddings and baby showers (Found out I’m going to be an Uncle!!) This would work great for anything really like graduations, birthdays, etc. So I made two different cutouts, Hearts and graduation hats. I figured the hearts would work for most events and the hats for graduations. I can’t wait to use this for my Sisters baby shower to see what she thinks! Secretly I am hoping for a boy… shh… but either a boy or girl will be great lol.

Anyways here’s the photos you came for, I have the files for this for sale here, etsy.com/shop/freshstartcustoms if you would like them to make your own.

58079783_658408254615599_1315368841462677504_o 58374751_658408321282259_3477860449519665152_o


Congrats on your impending “Uncle-hood”! :smile:
Great design idea…she’s gonna love it!


Thanks Jules!

Very cute idea! Good luck with your shop.


Thank you!

-Did you see your image came up at 1:09 in the livestream? Glowforge livestream on YouTube



Wow pretty cool. I didn’t make it to the live stream today. That’s to funny. Thanks for sharing this with me.

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Your carousel is shown at about 35 min!


Neato! (I was gonna watch, but they had limited slots available and I figured they were for the new customers.) :slightly_smiling_face:

Me too~ I found it on YouTube!


Yeah, saw that…just started watching it…I’m about 15 minutes in. (Looks pretty good so far. ) :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, I think they did a good job.

Yeah, that one was really good. Nice little demos of the interface. Easy to hear everything. High energy. (I always get pumped up to go make something after a high energy demo.)

And I liked the sea monkey domicile. :smile:


Hehe. It was beautiful!

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Nice work! Pardon my lack of knowledge on this, but are people supposed to write their names on the hearts or grad caps? Is that what makes them guest books?

Yes, they write their name down and drop them in the slot.


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