Cell phone holders


I am trying to make some “usefull projects” . I am also playing with the proof grade clear acrylic, which by the way, cuts like butter. I can’t say enough about how easy it is to work with when using the proof grade settings. Anyway, here is what I made.

I figured out why there is some blow back on the top edge of the acrylic; it was because my pattern had the top cut twice, my bad. The flash makes it show up, but it is not that obvious in normal light.


Your patterns are just beautiful! Great job on it! :grinning:


Those are beautiful!


The patterns are lovely. Of course, now I want to light them up. Lighted acrylic…yay!


I did do that just to see how it looked and it looked really good. That is what got me working on the Tinker Bell night light.


The pattern is so delicate and lacy! Really lovely and great job with that acrylic!


Turned out beautiful!


I really like this one. It would be nice to make it a little bigger for a cookbook holder.


what a great idea. The stand in basic, and your design options are endless!!


Those look Gorgeous! Amazing Work! :heart_eyes: