Cello Bridge Engrave


So a while ago I asked you guys for some advice engraving a cello bridge for my orchestra teacher friend’s coworker. Thanks to all of your awesome advice, I was able to do the job on my first try. It turned out pretty awesome, and I even cut a small stand plate for it.

Sorry it took me so long—I go through seasons where stuff gets in the way for a while and then it doesn’t. I kept meaning to post about it (and my experience creating a stand for it) but time got away from me.


Outstanding! I’m sure he loved it.


That’s fantastic!


Turned out just lovely! :grinning:


How fun to be able to make such a gift!


This is a really fantastic little gift–so meaningful, so gorgeous.


Great job! It turned out really nice…thanks for showing us!


Cello there! This is such a sincere gift. Love the stand, too.