Celtic Design Lantern

I focus heavily on dog art, so I turned this Celtic knot of dogs into a lantern, then used Shoji paper inside, applied with a thin layer of PVA glue. Just a lantern, but I’m glad such a complicated cut feels so strong. Stained the maple ply with coffee and finished with wax. Engraved “Warning: Flameless Candle Only” inside just in case I decide to sell my designs using this lantern base. I have a bunch, original AND based on traditional elements.


Cool image. I expect the thickness of some of the dog contributes to the sturdiness factor.


And we are better for it. I like that design. Great work.


I like the coffee stain with wax idea. Gotta be much less harsh on the world than things like polyurethane.

Is the art original or did you source it from somewhere?


Very interesting! As a lantern designer myself, I see you have gone places I have not thought of. That hinged lid nestled between the two sides is a great idea. I see also that the light source is enclosed. I have used LED candles, but are there better lights out there?

I have found that a very thin layer of wood glue painted on with a melamine sponge gets the glue everywhere on the wood but no puddles so with some cooking paper and flat weight the Soji paper sticks everywhere but does not flood. Also as long as it can support itself enough to get to the point of adding paper the paper itself adds quite a bit of structure as I try to add open space as much as practical.


Like your work! Very well done. I’d imagine you would do well if you decided to sell.


I used a foam brush to add a very thin layer of Mod Podge and used a burnisher on the Shoji to stick it down. Then if corners need a bit more a fine tipped paintbrush helps finish it.

The lid was important to me, because I wanted it enclosed nut they have to get in there somehow. I like the flameless candles, and they come in warm light, cold light, flickering… they are also,a standard size, so I glued a ring inside to hold the candle in place, but loosely.

But I’m going to to do one next based on this cut but with a plug in bulb. Pretty sure I’ll use these, they come in black and white versions. https://www.amazon.com/Hanging-Pendant-Switch-Extension-Lantern/dp/B09LV2H3W1/


Usually my art is my own, but this is a modified-for-cutout of a medieval illumination. And yeah, I feel better about a cup of strong coffee and a foam brush. This is three coast with about 45 minutes between coats. The wax is Folkart from Michael’s.


Cool, never tried folk art wax. Might have to pick some up.


A problem I found was that they are not so much a standard size. I discovered this when the new candles I purchased were about an eighth inch greater diameter than the ones purchased previously that fit perfectly.

On all those I previously built for LED candles I left the opening to show off the candle, but when I used the wired LED the look was not so good and so I used the Soji paper.

The “cooking paper” is great because nothing will stick to it, so a large scrap piece of plywood above and below with the paper resist between pressed by a small anvil and large dive weight smooths the paper and stops any warp of the wood.


This looks amazing! Fantastic work.


Oh very pretty! I used to hang out with a woman who used that 3 dogs image as the symbol of her house (her, SO, and child). I bet she’d love your lamp!