Celtic Spiral Cherry Earrings

I came up with something to do with some of the scraps from recent inlay experiments.

Wine cork for scale:


Pretty! (That’s how to conserve material!) :smile:

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Seeing those stuck in the cork, I thought of bighorn sheep horns. Now I can’t unsee it that way.


I have some similar shapes and was thinking of doing something similar! I love when we can use all the bits.

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Now I just need to figure out what to do with these bits from an engrave that got set to cut. :grin:

(Edit: fixed awful color balance.)


A pendant for the earrings? Just need a couple of eyes on either side of that mouth.


A kinetic sculpture? Seems like there would be some spring in that shape.

Nice earrings! I did the same thing with the holes cut out of my faux enamel pendants and my mom is wearing them now. Waste not, want not.


Ooooo custom “Mr. Potatohead” type gifts!


There is definitely some spring. Not sure how much load they would take before structural failure.

More earrings (dangling variety this time) are an option. I have 3 of them, though.

I’ve been using super glue to adhere the studs to the earrings, but it doesn’t always hold. What adhesive did you use?

I actually rough sand the studs so the glue has something to grab on to instead of the smooth surface.

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I sanded through the finish on the wood on the back and, roughed up the base of the post a little with the sandpaper. I used Gorilla wood glue to attach the posts. They seem pretty well attached with casual testing. I am waiting for feedback after they are worn for more than a try-on.

I thought about using CA but, figured it would likely be too brittle.

If the wood glue doesn’t hold up, I was going to try E6000.


Interesting, I actually engrave where the stud will go (since mine aren’t usually from repurposed pieces). I’ve had a few people mention e6000, but I have a higher fail rate with it than I do my super glue. I will try and break them off after 24hrs, because better for me to do it than to mail them out and have someone complain about it. I’d say it’s a pretty high success rate with my method, but I’m always looking for new ideas!

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If I put enough E6000 that it squooshes out a little bit around the stud base they’ve held up great, but they tend to fail if I skimp. That’s on PG ply and tile backs without any sanding/roughing. YMMV.

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Earrings and a necklace

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That had occurred to me. Possibly a little fragile for a necklace.

You could inlay it into something!
…wait, that’s how we got here in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:



Or attach it to a backing piece.

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