Centering/ bed refreshment new cord issue

Over a week ago my gf camera stoped updating bed image. Gf support looked it up and said I needed a new belt for the camera. I brought up that a lot of others were dealing with this same issue and same time frame and that I believe it’s something else. They said looking at my logs that’s the problem they see. So they sent me a belt. I followed directions to the key. Nope still the same. Not working it’s stuck on centering and the bed image is stuck. I wrote an email back to support yesterday but I haven’t gotten a response. Does anyone have any guidance?

Yep. Wait to hear from support. :slightly_smiling_face:

They are the only ones who can look at your machine logs, and have a much better idea of what the problem is than we do.

This is the first time that I have heard of a belt for the camera being an issue, so you are going to need to wait to hear from them what they want you to do next.

Mine is doing the same thing. But the funny part is the bed image shows the second last image i was able to cut . Waiting for a response back from support.

I’m so sorry to hear that the trouble has continued. Thank you for letting me know so I can help. I see you’ve also emailed me and I’ve just replied with the next steps there.

To avoid duplicate communication, this post will be closed and we’ll work on this through email.

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