Centering but arm not moving

I am having nothing but issues with my two machines.

Now my normally problem-free machine is stuck on Centering.

It goes through the cycle of scanning, but it doesn’t actually scan as the arm doesn’t move and it doesn’t capture a photo of the bed. Then it moves onto centering, but the arm doesn’t move at all.

I’ve tried cleaning. Rebooting. Restarting with the camera centered, as some have suggested. Rebooted the router. Changed the lighting in the room. Restarted with an empty bed. Nothing.

I checked the 5 connections around the lid, as shown in a photo on the forums, but no luck.

What’s next? Did I miss any options?

I have so many more things to finish before the weekend is up, and I am once again hobbled.

I am interested to hear what else you can do because I have the same situation. Arm doesn’t move. and sits on scanning. Does not take a new photograph of the bed.

I too am having an issue with my glowforge stuck on centering. And I have a brand new machine trying to get it to run for the first time. Seems like there is a lot of these issues going around. I would hope that glowforge will fix these issues quickly.

I am new to GF as well. I don’t think support works over the weekends. They should help you on Monday. In the meantime, maybe the pros on this forum can help out.

I’m sorry to hear your Glowforge is stuck in centering. Thank you for letting us know what steps you have taken so far. I have sent you an email on the next steps. To avoid duplicate communication and expedite your process, I’m going to go ahead and close this topic.