Centering / focusing

I have followed the forums but am still having difficulties with one of my two glowforge units. It has been stuck on centering/ scanning for 4 days. I have cleaned the unit thoroughly and have followed the suggestions for putting the laser directly underneath the camera.
Since the other one is functioning fine, I don’t believe it is a connectivity issue. Thanks

The issues you’re seeing might be caused by a poor connection with the cables on your lid. Please follow the steps below to check the lid connections:

  1. Turn off your unit.
  2. Open the lid.
  3. Using both hands, gently roll the laser arm to the front of the unit.
  4. There are 5 clips pictured below. Check each one to ensure it is closed. The clip should lie flat, and you shouldn’t be able to flip it in any direction.
  5. If any of the clips are open, ensure the cable is inserted straight into the clip and close the clip.
  6. If any of the cables are misaligned in the clip, take a photo of the clip and cable and send it to me so I can take a look before you proceed. Do not try to adjust or reseat the cable.
  7. Close the lid.
  8. Turn your unit back on and wait for it to calibrate.

Let me know how it goes!

I’m having exactly the same problem.

Support only sees new posts in the Problems and Support section, which open a support ticket for the user who created the post. You will want to create your own post for them to open a support ticket for you.

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I checked the clips, and nothing seemed to be different than before, but then when I turned the Glowforge on, it quickly readied to print mode. I didn’t have the opportunity to use it yesterday afternoon because my files were having a problem loading, and I turned off the machine over night. This morning, it went back into centering mode and has not functioned all day. I was contacted by Glowforge with the option of changing out the black cables or warrantying the whole machine. I thought the cables might rectify the problem, but now I am not so sure.

Thanks for your help.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.