Centering Issue

Hi Everybody,

I’d greatly appreciate if anybody could shed some light on what the solution to my problem might be.

After a good cleaning of my unit I’m unable to get past the “centering” screen on the app. I’ve restarted my router, turned the Glowforge on and off, unplugged and replugged it, moved the laser head assembly to the middle while leaving the lid open for 25 minutes, than shut the lid. Nothing seems to be working. I’ve checked all my lenses and wiped them with a Zeiss wipe. The lid camera is not working either. I’ve double checked the lense placements multiple times in the laser head assembly. I’ve also reset the WiFi connection to the unit like during the initial setup when I got it.

Is this a matter of waiting God knows how long while it centers and it’ll finally be done in 5 hours or is this situation worse?

Thank you all very much.

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Generally, if it hasn’t done the connection after about five to ten minutes, it indicates that the signal back and forth between the Glowforge and HQ got interrupted somehow (might have happened somewhere along the line and nothing we can do about it)…but it sometimes helps to turn the machine off, reboot the router and the computer, and it will clear the log jam.

(You don’t have to reset the Wifi like you did when you first got it, just turn everything off to clear the memory.)

I’d try that first. If it works, it just got hung up.

Hi Jules,

Thanks for the troubleshoot. Unfortunately it didn’t fix it. Followed what you said step by step but so far I’m still stuck.

Okay, sorry about that…had to go feed hubs.

Next thing to check would be the integrity of the cables…make sure that all of the connections at the five areas circled in red below are closed. Then check the area circled in green for wear on the back of the cable or any kinks or bends in it. If you see that take a picture and post it here.


Does all this look good to you? I checked em over and everything seemed fine. Never had a reason to question them before. Thanks again Jules.

Oh no problem, it might not be what’s causing it, but we’ve noticed that sometimes the cable where the green area is circled is installed too tight…that causes the cable to stress when the lid is opened all the way upright.


It doesn’t look like it’s actually bent there, but constant flex on that spot might damage the wires internally. (Fortunately it’s an easy fix if that is the problem. You might try gently wiggling it to see if it does anything to improve the hang up with the centering, but I’m afraid support is going to need to take a look at the logs to actually see what’s going on from this point.)

Thanks for the tip, and yep I’ve sent them over all of the details on what’s going on. So I hope they’ll be able to fix this for me. I’ll try wiggling it and hopefully that’ll do the trick. I’ll take anything at this point. Thanks for such a detailed and prompt reply. I really do appreciate it.

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Check the connection of the white cable that goes to the head – it can come loose during cleaning.

Hey nurse

I’ve checked and rechecked that connection so many times. I wish that could be it. Seems like all of these options have worked for others but all are failing on my end. But thanks for the suggestion

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Thank you for your patience. I see you already emailed us about this and I just followed up there, so I’m going to close this topic.