Centering Lens Foggy

On either side of the main lens are two small sensor lenses. One of mine is foggy and cannot be cleaned from the outside. I cannot access the inside. I’ve contacted support, but I’m wondering if anyone has found a workaround while I wait - I have 241 orders to fill…

You can try entering precise manual height settings for your projects.


If you’re out of warranty, those windows are glued in - you could pop it out, clean it, and re-glue…


I’m in warranty…but might do it anyway…

Your main lens in the center looks really dirty, too…or is that just the photo making it look that way?


The photo. I cleaned it again after this too. Center lens is only a month old too.

So I am not being accusatory or critical, but from your pictures, that window looks damaged, not dirty.

Given how little time you’ve had your machine, is there a chance you had a fire at some point?

Also wondering why your lens is only a month old, which is part of why I am asking. The lens is a “life of the machine” component.

My machine is 4 years old and that window is still almost perfectly clear. The area behind it (and the camera on the other side) is pretty much sealed off from debris. It houses the red-dot laser for setting material height, and a white LED for certain calibration/alignment operations. My lens is a clean and clear as the day I received it.

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No, no fire. I’ve had the machine for about 6 months but put about 10-12 hours a day on it. I replaced the lens bc I dropped the first one and cracked it.


In that case, support can offer guidance but the head is not designed to be disassembled. There are tools designed to remove windows installed in those recesses but they are not generally available to the public. I am also pretty sure they use adhesive when installing them, so any attempt to pry it out might result in damage.


Hi @brokenjarhead. It look like we’re currently working with you to troubleshoot this through email currently. To avoid any confusion with multiple threads, I’ll close out this Community thread. We’ll look forward to your email response. Thank you!