Centering Stuck Calibrating

I have tried the following Help Center topics.

Video link:

Any suggestions to this issue would be greatly appreciated. In some cases it was suggested the black lid cable be replaced. The only cable I can locate at this time is $399.99, yes thats right $399.99 on ebay for at $19.13 out of stock part.

Edit 12/12/20 3:30pm: I was able to get a screen print of a camera message.

I also noticed the image displayed when I open the app is from three successful prints ago. I logged out of the app, cleared my browser history, logged back in and the image is still older than my previous completed print.

Edit 12/12/20 4:03pm: Completed the Air Assist troubleshooting Cleaning Your Air Assist Fan – Glowforge

Not to make light of your problem, $399.99? Probably a half dozen users here that bought the cable as a spare and would send it to you for $350. :wink:

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I saw the same eBay part of sale. as well as a lens. Someone is taking advantage of the fact the parts are only available from Glowforge and these parts are out of stock. Quite horrendous actually. I need the black cable as well. :frowning:

Hi @chad.welch, you should stick with one post in Problems & Support. Each one you open starts another support ticket, and it’s really going to slow things down for them getting you the help you need.

I believe it was suggested I open this post after commenting on someone elses post for the same problem. See the comment in post STUCK on scanning or homing

Ah, you’re right, I thought I had seen two that you opened yourself. Sorry; carry on!

I can see that you’ve also reached out via email and that our support team has contacted you there. To avoid duplicate communication and expedite your process, I’m going to go ahead and close this topic.