My machine is giving me fits today…last night I powered up to start cutting and my computer informed me that it was to cold to cut - I get it. We had a weather change here and I failed to turn up the heat in the garage so she was a bit cold! Cranked up the heat, fire her up this morning and she cut like a charm…for the first cut. Remove my material, add in a new piece of wood for my next cut, shut the lid and BAM! I get the amber light. Quick google tells me that my machine may be cold. Fine, I get it. It is 11° here. Remove my vent from the window, power down and head off to work. Come home on my break, fore her up and all she wants to do is scan…so I shut it down and wipe down all the lenses and camera so they’re clean. Fire her up once again and it gives me an obstacle alert, the laser has experienced a bump. Please check to see if there are debris in the way - checked and found nothing. Power down, fire up and I get the amber light again - more trouble shooting ideas from the forums here get the light to turn off after shutting it off AGAIN and now it is stuck on centering. I have tried all of the things I have come across in my last 3 hours of research:
-Power on/off
-Log out of the app and back in

  • Using mobile hot spot (I usually use this as it is more reliable than my Wifi)
  • checking the white cable connected to the head
  • Checked the black cable connect to the lid
  • centered the head under the camera by hand while off and turning on
    -leaving the lid open for 15 minutes while on and then closing so it can go through the process
  • wiped down both lenses in/on head
    -wiped down camera lense under lid
    *one of the times after rebooting it was stuck on homing, I dont know if there is a difference between that and centering or not.

I am sure they’re are other things that I am forgetting to list but if you have any other ideas please let me know. This is such a bad time to be down!


Walked away last night after unplugging the machine entirely…plugged in and turned it on this morning and I have thay blasted amber light. Which according to my research could really be anything at all :sob: I am beyond frustrated. At this point I dont know what to do except issue refunds to customers and hope GF’s customer service can help me out. I really do not want to have to send this thing back.

Ours is in the basement, so the temperature never drops below 60 degrees. We installed a blast gate at the window, which helps cold and hot air from entering the unit when not in use.

When there are extreme temperatures outside, I not only close the blast gate, but I open the lid of the Glowforge a few inches, so that it can maintain the room temperature.

For use in a garage, you will probably need to heat the space for multiple hours with your lid open a few inches, to allow it to come to a workable temperature.

Would recommend a thermometer being close to your Glowforge, so you can be sure of what temps you’re dealing with.

Hope that helps.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.