Centering use to be so much faster what happened?

I have noticed that its taking longer and longer to boot up and center, to the point now where we just leave our machines on 24 hours around the clock, What happened ?

Why our so many getting the Center Stuck in the Middle. I feel like it could happen any day now .

How do i know when something is wrong on the Glow Forge end meaning server problems which I
have seen happen. Is centering something that is controlled by the Glowforge or is it purely the machine.

Having 2 of these I really get a good sense of when something is wrong on the Glow Forge End of things. Can someone post a video of how there machine centers from beginning to end .

I would post mine but I am afraid to shut down.

Longer centering usually means it is updating the machine. other than that mine starts and does the startup calibration just like day 1.

The centering stuck in the middle thing has always been a thing and haven’t noticed an up tic in it recently.

You can go to this link here to see the status of the servers and services glowforge provides.

Link to my gf pro starting up taken today. Ignore the fan noise in the background it is my air conditioner.


Ok mine is on par with that , I do notice you second center goes up and mine Second center goes sideways . than the rest is the same. Your takes a bit to get moving, also , That part of it is what i feel has gotten slower the initialization of when it starts to center. Thank you for the post of the video, Thank you.

I had to replace a cable last year in the back and I am thinking this is starting to go again. it showing all the signs, they must disintegrate some how, as i had mine taped really well so not to pull it any way. I think thats the problem I am having. UGH.

I’m sorry that you’ve run into a persistent issue with your Glowforge. I see you have another thread open about this issue. I want you to have a reliable unit, so I recommend replacing the lid cable. I’m going to close this thread, and will be in touch via email shortly to sort out the details.