Centerpieces Continued


So they asked for to states to be included for the tables to show where there families originated from. Hannah’s from Massachusetts and David from Virginia. My self being in MA I was a little bias because I go by the saying “They hate us because they ain’t us.” Virginia as we know is for lovers.
Here is MA:

The zip file: (275.4 KB)

Now Virginia:

Virginia zip: (1.9 MB)
I do this just for fun for family and friends so I include the files for anyone can use them to learn and enjoy from them.


Those are fantastic and thank you for sharing. Wonder if you could do the topper in acrylic and add LED to it?


Nice work - and thanks for the files.


Flowering Deadwood? I would suspect many folk even beyond Virginia might take issue with that, though it makes me realize I have not seen anyone trying to cut Dogwood. Snakewood, cat briar, Horse chestnut, beefwood, dragonwood…well you can occasionally find snakewood anyway but a box made of Dogwood and Cat briar might be interesting.

I have a tiki torch/walking staff with a dragon for the flame but the main staff is dragonwood.

Oh and how could I forget Zebrawood, it burns so easy it is hard to engrave , but I really like the idea on making a lion out of Zebrawood.


Thanks as always for sharing. I might just have to make the MA one for my brother-in-law’s birthday in a few weeks. He’s a big sports fan (we’re also in MA).


I am in lakeville about 40 south of Boston.


They did not want anything with lighting. Maybe should have made Virginia in the shape of a heart,


We’re about 20 minutes north of Boston. Expecting the first snow tonight. :frowning:


Yep Virginia’s flower is the Dogwood. Not dead wood.


Thank you so much. I have been trying to do too many things at once. I read image.png message but did not catch on to the meaning.e I have time to correct this grave error.


Chuckle! I completely missed it too! :smile:
(You ought to leave it…it makes for a better story to tell the grandkids.)


I thought maybe there was a Deadwood tree. Not like I use trees for much other than burning :grinning:


Most common tree in the ghost forests


A close relative grows in the ocean, The much sought after Driftwood


Frequently found on the Beech. :innocent:


That is the difference between beechwood and beachwood


OMG. I missed it, too! But it’s cracking me up now that I see it. You DID say that you were biased toward MA…


Saw a fantastic Flowering Deadwood Tree when we went to a new (to us) Oriental Restaurant. The beautiful flowers were like, silk. However they had the aroma of being beachwood aged, a sort of mix of seaweed and dead fish, that put the whole restaurant off my favorites list.


hmmm great wood but not generally available


I missed that at first too.

I understand how a sneaky spell check can be. It keeps giving me carp as well.