Ceramic tile halftone photo

This is a first and second attempt at printing a halftone photo onto cheap (Home Depot, 11 cents) ceramic tile.

I created the halftone using Pixelmator on the Mac. For the second, I converted to black and white, and then adjusted the levels to brighten up the light areas while leaving the darkest areas dark.
I used full speed, full power, 340 dpi.
Red, green, and black Sharpies (on the second one).
Wiped away with a magic eraser (and saliva).


nice job!


I was just thinking that this would make cool art while I was mowing the lawn and now here you have stolen my thunder. Good job!


Very nicely done! :grinning:


Great job getting your file ready for processing … nice job with the sharpies, too!

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Wow! I’ve bookmarked this so I know how to approach the job when I try one of these. Your edits made a huge difference!

I have Pixelmator for Mac and will have something else to add to the ever-growing list. Really excellent work with the sharpies.