Certified and Licensed Badges - How to?

OK…I’m lost. I see that we can get badges for Certified and Licensed, by completing the new user tutorial and advanced tutorial. I’m just not seeing a link to get to those interactive tutorials.

Please help, if you have a direct link…or at least slap me aside the head and say “it’s right over there” (and please provide the location of “there” with the slap :smile:

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If you are asking about the tube replacement, that thread was started long ago, when we all thought that the laser tube could not be user replaced.
A lot of us volunteered to be trained, to get training to do the work.
Now that a user replacement tube will be available, I do not think it is necessary, or will ever be needed.
Hope that is what you asking about.

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Try sending a personal message to @welcomebot - start new user .


@welcomebot does not like to play in the main forum, but will respond to private messages.


Excellent! I’ll give it a shot. Reason I asked is that I noticed the badges that can be earned via this forum and noticed two of them dealt with training. I’m looking to do the interactive training and knocking out those badges. Thanks again for the feedback from everyone.


Might be worth pointing out that these badges have nothing to do with using a Glowforge – the training covers how to communicate with the Discourse chatbot. But hey – badges!


Yep. Joe’s recommendation was spot on. I completed the user training and advanced training by submitting to:

@welcomebot - start new user

and also this one:

@welcomebot - start advanced user

This gave me the drive-around training on how to navigate the forum, post, remove posts, do polls, etc…

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