CES 2016 demo

A coworker attended CES and was able to get some time at the Glowforge booth.

Here is what she created

If you’re curious, the logo is supposed to be for a hackathon we are doing called Hack Tank.


It would be really nice if we had a “virtual visit” video for those of us not fortunate enough to be in Vegas.

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Very cool!

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Wow. Nice to see the Glowforge in the wild. I think I would be better narrated by David Attenborough.

Lots of media coming out of CES. www.twitter.com/glowforge for non Twitter users. Also do a search on Glowforge to get lots of other hits.
And @dan showing his amazing frontman skills on the mic and in front of the camera here.

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So a week on CES and yet I fund the press releases and namedropping severely lacking! Is there just nothing new?

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Found this 51 second third party video from CES 2016. Not a lot new except it’s the first time I have seen a demo showing the ability to resize a design to fit the material. Same way that you would drag the corners of an image to resize in most design and photo S/W packages.

Oh, and the enclosed flying mirror/optics that feed the head unit is just barely visible at 35 seconds. You can see it move later on if you’re quick and squint real hard.


good eyes @rpegg!

As far as the resizing goes in this video I was thinking it would also be a nice feature to have auto-rotate, auto-align and auto-centering based on the placed object since in this video the piece of acrylic isn’t placed perfectly square on the tray… @dan