My eight year old nephew loves airplanes so I decided to make a fun chalkboard for him. (I hope he finds it as much fun as I do.)

Not having done any finished woodworking since a single semester of wood shop many decades ago I decided to try it first before moving on to the expensive wood. It also gave me a chance to make a frame and try out some biscuit cuts.

Since I delivered my finished leather crafts this morning I set out with a vague idea of what I needed to do.

All thing considered I’m happy with how it came out. I don’t think the delicate wingtip and nose will survive shipping to Belize so I think I’ll change the orientation of the F 16. That’s too bad because I like the dynamics of it flying out of the frame.

The frame is pine and the chalkboard is the stuff they sell in 2 x 4 foot sheets at Home Depot. The jet is made out of the white version of the chalkboard. The finished frame will be mahogany. The chalkboard is 10 x 15 and the frame is 14 x 19.


Very nice job!

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What a nice gift for your nephew, He will love it! Great job!

Let him glue it on upon arrival!

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That’s not a bad idea.

I’m not as creative as many of the people here, but I can solve a problem or two to make up for it. :slight_smile:


Creativity takes many forms. :blush:

Since I engrave the frame below the insert it should be easy for him to glue up.


I like the assembly in Belize idea. My, now inferior, idea was to add a cloud to the top corner of the frame so it would absorb the shipping drops and blows. I know I liked assembling stuff as a kid, so some assembly required is a feature at a certain age (or person.)

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You could always cut a larger outline shape into the frame and that would protect the more delicate pieces.

Contour around the plane and merge that to the frame. Sorry, not at my computer to show an example.

Nice idea but for this I like just the aircraft’s outliner extending paste the frame. I also don’t have a scroll saw to do the outline. :wink:

Wonderful gift idea. Looks like some of your wood shop skills stuck with you!

Cool! (You’re going to be that favorite uncle!) :wink: