Change Credit Card on Premium Service


Does anyone know how to change an expired credit card for the premium service?


In your Dashboard, click on the dropdown menu next to your Glowforge’s name. Click on Settings. Then go to the Purchase History tab and click on Manage Subscription. A popup dialog will have a link for Payment Methods. Go there and add a new credit card, and delete the old one if necessary.


@cynd11 i do not see that as an option.

Can you be more clear about where in the above description it is not working for you?

Did you click the little drop down arrow as indicated here?

This is what I see

Whoops! Looks like someone on staff is going to have to sort you out then. Sorry!

Thank you so much!

@david.w are you able to help me with this matter?

@brandi1 I see you wrote in as well and we’ve reached out to you with the next steps there. I’m going to close this ticket so we can continue to resolve this for you.