Change direction of printing....?

Is there a way to start the printing from TOP TO BOTTOM?
Because the fan is blowing DOWN, starting work at the bottom of the piece leaves all the debry and dust over your finished work, starting from the TOP would leave your work clean as you finish.

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Just me but I think one reason for not doing it that way is to always ensure you have a clean surface to laser. Any residue build up would reduce the effectiveness of the laser.


Looking at it over time I suspect it would be more likely to start fires.

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thanks rbtdanforth and beerfaced for the replies, the do make a lot of sense. I guess the nature of my questioning was more along the lines of " How-to" as opposed to “Why-not”.
If the fan or vents were placed differently or strategically this could be accomplished. Also I’ve seen that other machines have the option to “Start” working from the top-down or from the bottom-up…

They also have the blast of air straight down instead of behind blowing forward as with the Glowforge. There are reasons for choosing one over the other. Either way you go, there are advantages and disadvantages depending on many other choices to the point that there is no comparison, only choices for a specific expectation.

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