Change e-mail address

Would someone please walk me through the steps necessary to change the e-mail address of my account. Thank You, Dave

That’s something that support is going to have to take care of for you. As soon as they see your message, they’ll contact you via email to get it changed.

Though the person may want it changed because the email is no longer valid.

Oddly enough, I sent a message from my new address telling them I wanted to change from my old address. They, for some reason, believed me and made the change. Not 100% sure I should be happy about that. :slight_smile:


OK, but what did you expect them to do? Especially if you old address is no longer valid or available. I suppose they could have called you or just shut you down until they could verify it… Now, which would you prefer…

I’m pretty sure that if it wasn’t you, you would have noticed then sent them a message. so much for them being trusting and attempting to assist.

Amazing, they help and some complain, they don’t get back to some in that persons time frame and some complain. The GF team just cant’ seem to please some people, but lately that’s the way everything is, unfortunately…

Just my two cents…

I believe some attempt to validate the requestor’s identity is appropriate. The easiest way I can think of to do that, is to allow one to update their own e-mail address after providing proper credentials, just like everybody else does. When I got my new address, that’s exactly what I did with every single other entity I deal with. Log into whatever, update my e-mail address, move onto the next. My bank, my credit card issuers, mortgage company, Johnson Plastics, you name it…
Glowforge was the ONLY one that required a completely non-validated e-mail to perform that function. Many went a step further and sent a confirmation to the old e-mail address with the standard “Your e-mail address has changed. If you did not intend to do this please log into your account, blah blah blah…”


Since this has to do with your personal account, we will follow up with you through email. I’m going to close this topic.