Change printer number to a name?

Is it possible to change the name of my GF in the interface from ABC-123 to a name I create? Or can I delete the ones I no longer use? I currently have 3 printers listed, my original that was sent back, my business partner’s, and the one I have boxed up waiting for a return authorization. I will be getting a replacement so there will be 4 listed. Too many printer numbers to keep track of!

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I would email support about this. You’re typically given the change to name your printer when you first set it up.


I got my first GF a year ago and I set is name when setting it up and it correctly showed it in the interface (and still does). I got in a second printer in April and I know I named it but the interface just shows its number and not its name. I got in a replacement GF last month and I made sure that I correctly followed the setup to name it and it still just shows that one as a number in the interface…So you aren’t the only one wondering why its name is not showing up. I was just going to email GF and have them update it. That’s really the only option for now.


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