Changes to google image search


I have so many mixed feelings about this, going to drown my sorrows with all the :ice_cream:

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I’m glad to see them doing something.

I’m surprised Google hasn’t come up with some sort of copyright/reverse-image search subscription service (I know some others have something similar). Integrate it with Lightroom, upload/backup from there (competing with Amazon Photos offering) and it subsequently compares to their images DB and notifies you when/where stuff is being used.

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The tricky part is that anyone with even middling skills can get around this in no time, so what they’ve done is essentially remove a useful function to prevent a specific illegal use case, and it won’t even work for the average determined user.

Copyright law and enforcement is a nightmare in the digital age. If only we had some completely perfect set of laws to govern all this. Oh wait, we have the DMCA! We’re saved, right? …right?! Where’d everyone go?


I noticed that today…a bit annoying…lol