Changing an SVG so that it will cut

Hello! I purchased Stanley Cup tag templates and would like to cut some names to go with it in a particular font that isn’t in the Glowforge system. So I brought the word into Canva and saved it as an SVG. When I bring that into Glowforge, it only recognizes it to engrave. How can I create a word/name outside of the app to cut within it?

There are two very different kinds of images. One is a stack of tiny squares called Pixels. They can have a lot of nuance but even lines you see with your eye do not exist in the image. The alternative is a series of lines called vectors that have very limited variability but are the lines you need to get from one place to another.

An SVQ can contain both but a cut line will only follow a vector and if your Canva image only has pixels there is nothing to cut. There are many programs that do one very well but the other not so well. Inkscape is great for vectors but weak with pixels, and Gimp is amazing with pixels but limited in vectors. If I have pixels and want vectors I use Gimp. Others use Inkscape, and there are many other programs out there I have little knowledge of.

If you have Premium there is a widget that will put an outline on any pixel image that will make the line to cut out


AFAIK Canva is a raster program, so yes it will only engrave. You need a vector program to cut or score. I use Inkscape, but that’s a pretty complicated program for names :slight_smile: works, or search specifically for “vector” in your system of choice.

Once you get a program and have created your test, you will need to change it from an object to a path in whatever program you’re using. Once you know, if you’re still having issues, come back with specifics and we can help more :slight_smile:


Or, last case option, put the names up here and someone can vectorize them for you if you’re in a hurry to get a project done.


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