Changing carriage plate belt

Is there an “easy” way to get the left side attached? I was at it for 2 hours using the instructions I received and I cannot get the left side to go around the pulley.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hello! You can easily loosen the pulley to slacken the belt and then retention and tighten the bolt.

If you try to force it on over the pulley, it will eventually break. :frowning:

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Thank you…but how do you loosen it? I am really new to this so I hope I don’t sound totally ignorant.

A properly sized Allen wrench. I use a small ratchet and an Allen head socket along with my phone camera to see under the carriage. Takes only a minute. It’s part of my toolkit for the GlowForge. :slight_smile:

Harbor freight has cheap Allen keys and ratchets/sockets for just a few bucks. Amazon as well.

The linked article above has photos.

I should clarify that you loosen the right side pulley. The left side goes around the motor and should be the first side put on.


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Thank you so much! Their instructions are right side first. I tried to find a youtube on it, but had no luck. I really appreciate your help.

No problem! Were you successful?