Changing my user name and email with glowforge

I am losing access to the email that both my glowforges are tied too. I have sent in several email to Support and have not received a reply. I would really like to get this fixed before the end of February! Please give me some guidance as to who or whom to talk with in order to get the ball rolling.

Ken Duncan

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Glowforge support personnel do not monitor the forum and thus your post is only being read by other Glowforge users. We can’t be of much assistance, so I believe you will simply have to rely on Glowforge to answer your email.


Use the ‘Contact us here’ form on the support page, you should receive an immediate acknowledgement and support will respond in a few days.


Yes, what @eflyguy said - and in the meantime, create a new user with your new email address (On the dashboard, click the name of your printer in the upper right, then click Add User).

They don’t have an easy way to update emails (or didn’t when I tried ~18mos ago), so I still have the login to my laser with my old address, but the :glowforge: emails and the like go to my new address as a 2nd user.


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