Charged 4 times on my end need help

My Amex was charged 4 times (I kept trying because each time it said voided - see attached) and when I called my card company they said it on Glowforge me end. Can someone please help? Just trying to get 1 Pro with Compact filter. Not having a phone number is already scaring me.

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Welcome to the community!
Support will get you squared away.

Might be fun to have a fleet of Glowforges at that. :wink:

I’m not sure they take AmEx, which might be why it keeps automatically voiding the entry when you try to make it. You might want to send an email directly to, because they won’t be able to discuss it with you here on the forum. (Personal information.)

Thanks for the warm welcome. I emailed support yesterday. I also message them on Twitter. And I also message them on Facebook. It’s been 24 hours or more and it makes me nervous to get a glow Forge other companies have phone numbers. I hope this gets rectified as we believe in this company.

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They take Amex for sure - it’s on the checkout :smile: - I imagine it’s cause the billing address is different from shipping address yet why have that option? Yes they take Amex hence being charged four times sir

Here is the image - they for sure take Amex

Gotcha! In that case, all you can do is watch your emails. They’ll respond there since it deals with your personal information.

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Thank you!

I’m sorry for the trouble purchasing your Glowforge! I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.