Cheap stuff

Calling all UK owners (or expecting), just tried to clear out of their clearance birch ply but didn’t manage it for everything. They got A4 sheets for next to nothing. Go have a look. And cheap 1st class royal mail shipping too. No idea of quality, but it was so cheap that I’ll press it into submission if it’s warped.


Got the wood today and it’s perfectly flat. Stuck it on the glass of the glow forge and had to slide it to the edge to get it off. Very scientific, no messing here with levels or engineering blocks!

So Kitronic are going on the list of pew pew pew suppliers as wood from the local builders merchant ain’t gonna cut it.


Was eying their inventory just the other night. Like the look of some of their mirrored acrylics and the really glasslike one.

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Thinking some acrylics for the next order too and if I could afford it one of everything just to see what it’s like in the Glowforge!

LOL! I feel like that every time I come across a new supplier … ooooh, I wonder how that would work…and that one…and that…

It’s really hard on the wallet. It’d be easier if self-control was one of my virtues.


It’d be cheaper if self control was one of my virtues :wink:

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Really keen to try some rubbers, I’ve all kinds of experiments planned but to be able to cut a toothed belt for my rotocasting machine is high on the list… Along with some gears.

The rubber will come in handy making seals for my car speakers in the door frame too… they’re rattly little buggers.

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