Cheap Tile Snapmark Jig

I’ve done a bit with engraving the cheap 4" tiles from Lowe’s / Home Depot since that post came out and I’ve usually been doing it with less-than-perfect camera alignment and manual adjustment and a “jig” made out of a bunch of hold down pins where I can slide out a finished tile and then slide in the next. This is all fine and good when I have a bunch of the same tile I need to make, but once I switch to anything else it’s no good.

So I made a jig with the SnapMarks I just got access to on Friday and figured I’d share since I’m guessing anyone else working on tiles and with SnapMarks will probably need to make something similar, so this might save someone some time.

I used cheap corrugated cardboard for my jig material, but ply or draft board would work just as well and be a little more durable. The red inner square should be set to cut and the light blue outer rectangle should also be set to cut. The logo Snapmarks should be set to score. After you’ve created your jig, you can use the file as a template for adding artwork for the tiles. It should line up perfectly according to where you put your art in relation to the red square. (1.3 KB)


Thank you! I just got SnapMarks and haven’t had time to use it yet.


Thanks. Check out @takitus’ ruler also…here:



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Thank you for the file.


I just cut a cardboard fixture to set them in.

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That’s exactly what this is for. With the Snapmarks you can reuse it or you could make the jig out of something a little more durable than cardboard as well.

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