Cheat sheet

I have seen at some point but can’t find a cheat sheet for non proof grade. I have a pro and Im struggling wasting a lot of material .

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Check out #6.


Hello Dear,

These various links have helped me. There are so many more. If you find yourself overwhelmed PM me and I will help you.

New users sometimes find the forums overwhelming because they are thousands of posts and threads. I also have a Pro and with past help from the community members—- I now waste less material.






Thanks everyone. Sometimes I post a question because you are correct… the threads can take me down a rabbit hole and next thing I know I’m looking up a totally different topic without finding out what I needed to look up :rofl::joy: I’m definitely going to use what you all suggested and check into the info. Appreciate you all taking the time :smiley:

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Same thing happens with me!!

Thank you for this! I appreciate it.