Cheese box

We have…a lost cheese problem in our house. Here’s a practical cut to try and stop that!

*Do a kerf check. I ended up running the cuts twice to loosen them enough to fit into the holes, and even then it required a light hammering.

Cheese Box_V4

There’s more of the design off the edges of the svg. You’ll need 3 pieces of acrylic.

I added the holes for the handle and the word using the Premium features, so this is a download from the GFUI :slight_smile:


Now that is a practical cut!!


What a great idea! Thanks for sharing it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Cheese is powerful! Nice work!

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Nice! Thank you!

You got two laughs out of me with this post. The first was the “Cheeeeese” and the second was the "lost cheese problem :joy_cat: Nothing worse than cheese gone bad!


Cheese is important! Now I’m thinking of this idea can work for other items to help keep the fridge organized and stop the loss of food!


So no glue/solvent?

Not for mine - your kerf may vary!
It’d be easy enough to run a bead of acrylic weld down the interior joins if needed.

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Thank you :smiley:
And you are Cheese Rich!

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Yes! I used to be happy with nothing but grocery store cheddar and then people started introducing me to all these others and now I have opinions and preferences. It’s so much more complicated now, but OTOH cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese :smiley: