Chicken Shaped Organizer

I remade my Owl organizer into a chicken. I like how it turned out! My sister is the Owl person and I collect Chickens so this one is mine!

I do have a bone to pick about the materials. I used medium Basswood plywood and medium walnut plywood plus some medium acrylic accents. On the Basswood plywood, in only one section, the living hinge - only one side - burned the masking - actually turned it to a sticky, gooey mess.

Has anyone else experienced issues with the PG materials? I have on a couple of other projects where the masking just went to goo. It’s not my machine since projects before, during and after - turned out perfect - it was the material.

Oh well, it is cute though.


The colors you used are great. The 3-D aspect really makes your chicken stand out. :laughing:


Super cute!! Did you design the file yourself? If so would it be something you l’d be willing to sell?


I too would buy this pattern if you happen to be selling it


I redesigned from the owl shaped organizer I had so the design isn’t entirely mine. I would be interested! I will probably put it on Etsy. Thanks!

Thanks! I’ll get it ready and send a link.

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If you end up putting it on Etsy, post then link :blush:


Hey everyone - thanks so much for your interest in my chicken! I did put it on my Etsy shop so you’re welcome to visit. Thanks! Kathy

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One handsome chicken!

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