Choose to ship now or delay shipment?

The last I heard, they didn’t have a filter system that worked as good as they hoped, so they are still in product development.

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I have a Pro (ordered with the Filter - to be delivered in May 2018) and I would encourage you to find an interim solution (to your filtering needs) and get your Glowforge.

Granted, It is an additional cost, but there have been some pretty good filtering solutions identified and created by current GF :glowforge: owners. Some have even made the table (where their GF :glowforge: resides on) the actual filter housing.

The decision is truly yours, but I would encourage you to get yours home and make something work for you until your filter arrives.

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Will there be beta and pre-release air filters? Or just straight to production?

We haven’t announced yet.

Ok, thanks for the response. I’ll be standing by (eagerly/anxiously) awaiting updates.