Choppy engraving

I have been doing name tags and name plates for about 6 months and they came out great. But lately using the same settings the engraving is choppy. Does anyone know what may cause this and / or how t

o fix it?

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Too fast, broken wheel, loose belt, gremlins.
any or all.


With the machine off can you gently move the head side to side and forward and back? Does it move smoothly its entire range of motion? If not check the belt teeth and rails for debris and all the wheels for cracks.


Yes everything moves freely and no issues with the wheels

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Sure wish the gremlins would get out of the machine - I have Christmas to make :slight_smile:

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Me too, mine is down. Also waiting for a part.
Sometimes the tension on that belt can be the issue.
looking at the rollers might give you some clues also because it might roll smooth, but you could have fine cracks in the rollers. But I think that gives you more wavy lines. Sideways jumps I think of the belt. I bought a new belt/head connector assembly, and the problem resolved.

Thanks maybe i will try that

Thank you - replaced the rollers on the carriage and working just great. Appreciate the help :slight_smile:


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