Chris is back

After several months away working on research related to the Antikythera project, he just dropped this masterpiece.

I follow the other Chris as well, it’s always cool to see how such varied artists connect.


Do you have any idea what tool he was using to do the etching work on the snakes and C pieces? It sounds like it vibrates?

I’m curious to know what it is.

Looks like an ultrasonic engraving tool… tons of them out there but you’d probably need to know someone in the jewelry business to figure out which ones are actually useful, vs. junk…

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Overall it’s incredibly cool. I long for a workshop as well equipped. Thanks for sharing! Down the youtube rabbit hole I go!

Wow. Just WOW. I don’t even know why anyone would need a card press but WOW nice work.

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I really like the close work on the camera and the cut aways. The sleight of hand trope is strong in the video work. Really super as usual. Would watch these videos all day and night. And one of the few videos that can pull off music for me.


Wow. Such precision in all aspects of his work!

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Humbled. :no_mouth:

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