Christmas 2017- Official Thread

I didn’t see any official Christmas thread so here we go! What are your plans!!


Finish remodeling / re-organizing my office so I can get my Glowforge set back up. Right now it’s sitting on the cart I made for it, in my family room.


Ideally: Play with Glowforge, Play Video Games, Spend Quality time with friends and family…

Reality: Going to Sin City and Be a Degenerate Gambler! :crazy_face:


shoulder surgery next friday. i’ve abused them both badly over a half century and playing soccer last fall (goalie) finished them both off. left one is in better shape than the right, but that’s the easier fix (and cortisone is helping right but not left), so that one gets a good clean up.

plus side: a week out of the office that i can play one-armed bandit with the GF.

other than that, a lot of nothing. taking it easy. and planning the vacation we said we’d give each other in lieu of presents (haven’t decided where yet).


Christmas, visiting my family in RI. New Years, visiting the in-laws in Iowa. I will be sans Glowforge for awhile.

But, there will be so many babies! :baby:

:gift: I’m very excited to have my daughter open presents on Christmas! And then again at second Christmas in Iowa! I’m about 95% sure she’s going to like the wrapping paper more than any of the gifts.


Yes indeed! First Christmas is paper, bows, and electronics.

Second through fifth Christmas they like the boxes.

We’re sticking around home and playing with our kids and their new toys. I’ve been making presents on the Glowforge like crazy, and I will probably make some accessories for the new toys.

Merry Christmas to you all. If you go for a different seasonal celebration, may it be a good one whatever it is.