Christmas card for cancer patient


Those who work both palliative care and hospice care… it takes a pretty special person. No idea how they can do such a job. They are pretty much the top of the heap as far as I’m concerned.


Your local/regional Childrens Hospital will probably have a staff member that answers these types of questions. It’s when you contact your podiatrist’s office you run into the weird alert.


This follow-up article says that Jacob has received over 40,000 cards from all over the world!


Also this article has a video (scroll down) interview with the dad, and shows Jacob opening some of the gifts he has received.


Ok, @Drea I have an idea for a card, and will make it this weekend.



The card is finished, but glue is still drying. I’ll send a pic along when I’m done. My wife will mail it out tomorrow. Hopefully if she’s out of the hospital they will forward it along, since we don’t have an alternate address… I also hope you let them know to expect cards from people, so they don’t freak out about some card showing up from a random stranger.



Forgot to update the thread, but FYI my wife mailed the card off on Monday.

This was our first attempt with card stock, and it is probably a material I will avoid in the future. It tends to burn. I had a heck of a time cutting out the text in the design. I ended up having to use engrave for that, to avoid burning, and it didn’t turn out all that well. Anyway, I hope your friend’s daughter will be cheered up by the thought and not be too disappointed with the craftsmanship (or lack thereof).


You are wonderful, thank you for doing this!

I still haven’t done mine. Planned to do it over the weekend, then our weekend got crazy. Decided to knock out my big stack of projects on Monday… then the power went out. Lost power for a good stretch yesterday as well.

So, I’m having a bit of Forge withdrawal and my project list is piling up. Wish me luck that I can get to it tonight!


We had some high winds here. I was afraid we would lose power, but fortunately not.

Good luck!