Christmas Card


This is a card I made which is inspired by some other posts on the forum.


Very pretty! :grinning:


Thank you! I think it may have been your post I was inspired by, but I could not find it to link it from my phone :frowning:


Not to worry, I can never link on phones either. :smile:

Fresh posts in the category are a better way to go anyway…keeps the excitement level high. :wink:


That is a fair point. My wife will probably paint these as well before we send them out. Not completely sure how we want to go about it just yet. We were thinking paint pens to keep it simple.


Great project! To make it easier to paint, I would mask the whole thing before cutting/scoring. Then just peel off the bits of mask that you want to paint. Once the painting is done you can peel off the masking that covers the unpainted parts.

Here is the masking that I use–works great on Baltic birch and anything else I’ve tried, including leather and card stock.


That’s what I’ve been using. Works great, easy to work with, and cheap. (And if you poke around on the website you can find a discount code.)


Nice! I might have to jump on the bandwagon. :grinning:


Very nice


Love that you added the year to the ornament. I hope this becomes an annual tradition with different materials or patterns each year!


I am hoping so too!


I like to flip it over and engrave the year on the back. @Jules has a good tutorial on how to maintain alignment for that.

If this keeps up we’re going to need a bigger tree…


Now you tell me.


The card turned out lovely!