Christmas Decoration - Weihnachtspyramide



I’ve always enjoyed watching our “Christmas Pyramid” rotate, is it the movement or the flicker of the candle flame, I’m not sure. What I do know is that it is suffering, having endured 30 or more Christmases, being lugged around Australia and now missing the odd component it is time for a change.

I’m building my own! It is decidedly non-traditional and a work in progress.

Used my own home-made light-box for the window shots. :slight_smile:

There’s still a fair bit to design/think about and it will be a little larger than the average household Weihnachtspyramide …


Definitely something the Glowforge could make extra special.


Whoa! That’s some beautiful work! Can’t wait to see it assembled.:grinning:


Gosh, it’s gorgeous! I’m wondering what the "stained glass " windows are made of. They look really authentic! As do the rest of the pieces.


That looks like a lot of work. Beautifully done. I want to make one too (after I make about 1000 other things I’ve seen on this forum)! - Rich


It’s all MDF and transparent acrylic. This is my first real project, I made the obligatory boxes in plywood, acrylic and MDF and thought I’d attempt something a little more challenging. It is, very roughly based, on Chartres cathedral with a little bit of Tours cathedral thrown in, mix in some religious iconography garnered from the web, a little bit of “designer’s license”, et voila.


Wow, it’s beautiful!


Wow, that is amazing work. The detail is awesome. Please post a picture when you finish. :yum:


Beautiful work!! Those stained glass window designs are amazing.


I will but it may be some time. I keep adding things, changing things or redesigning whole sections. Somehow it seems to have caught visitors’ imaginations, I keep saying this is my first real project and I don’t have a concrete idea of how long it will take but I’m assailed, well more like twice, by requests to build models of their homes and other structures that hold memories for them.

I’ll keep at it and post progress photos.

My thanks to you all for the “likes” and kind comments.


Goodness that’s a labor of love! Wish I had the patience for intricate… my attention span is the length of a butterfly. (Squirrel) Great use of acrylic on the windows and using the computer screen as a light box is pretty genius :wink:


“Antiquing” acrylic to look more like "old glass"
Experiment no.1.

Glued into MDF frame as per normal using CA.
Thin CA mixed 50:50 with acetone “floated” over both sides of the acrylic.
Left to dry for a week, still tacky. Pure CA or maybe 50:50 with isopropyl alcohol next time.


Wow! Now that’s attention to detail. I love the Instructables, keep’em comin’. - Rich


WOW WOW WOW, this is amazing. Such a brilliant idea! I’m totally going to try this in my own projects!!! <3


Finally decided on what the flying buttresses will look like. The thinner design is the winner. The buttresses will feature more iconography, not seen in the pictures. The original octagonal pillar is now a decahedron. The two pillars plus capping is close to the finished height.

Main doorway/portal next.


Gorgeous! I love the architectural details, but also how the brick does a nice job of hiding the joints.


I can’t get over all of the detail. Are the old looking edges something that you did or is that from smoke from the cutting? It looks great on your project. Thanks for taking the time to show us.


I just keep tripping over my tongue. Those saints in the alcoves are unbelievable, and the engraving on the bricks is just…whooof.

No words.


I agree, the smoked edges give it an old masonry look.

@pomwah, very nice!


WOW this is just awesome :squee:, The amount of detail with which it has is incredible.:grinning: