Christmas gifts and a thank you!

here are some of the gifts I made for my family and friends this year.
A map of a lake that a friends dads cabin is on (also my first commissioned job)
the water is the darker wood and the land is the light layer, the compass is engraved into the land layer

I own part of a restaurant, I made these cutting boards for my partners with our logo

my girlfriends parents names are Joe and Raff, I thought it was cute to make a Joe+Raff cutting board with a giraffe on it as their names together sound like the long necked animal

For my girlfriend, I made some Harry Potter stuff, as she is obsessed with the books. I cant take credit for the word box as chevalier_jeanpaul very Kindly gifted me the files, I simply dragged and dropped some of the images for engraving and tweeted is design to change it so the music box would be on the bottom. the coasters I found as wellSxbXvCAuT56Vx8Hke%p1IQ


so once again thank you chevalier_jeanpaul for making my girlfriends Christmas gift “the best she has ever received”!


All are very well done . Love the wand box.


How wonderful! So happy it worked out and that she liked it!

We were just at Universal and my wife and kids picked their wands. I will be making two more boxes in the near future.