Christmas gifts

Made some fun gifts, lanterns and carved rocks.



Cool stuff, you have been busy…


What lucky gift recipients! My favorite is the tall lamp with the stained glass type design. I really like the minimal tabs that don’t compete with the panels for attention.


Is the tall lantern your design? If it is not, can you list the source of the file? Beautiful work :slight_smile:

Nice work all around. Really like the stones, can you describe your process for how you did them? Really great contrast.

The stones were done at 200 speed, full power and 270 lpi. We removed the crumb tray and used the formula on the forums here to determine our focus height. Used offcut material to lift the stone to a height of .040" in the bed. Before cutting we sprayed the rocks with Rustoleum 2x clear coat.

Yes, the lantern is our design. We created a prairie style lantern box and recreated the pattern of the stained glass windows in the Robie House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.


Wonderful, always inspired by FLW designs.