Christmas ornament cut outs

I finally finished my ornaments for everybody in the family. Used proofgrade walnut with proofgrade maple as the insert material. The maple was sized up to account for the kerf and everything turned out great. I did spread wood glue on the back to make sure everything stays in place long term.

A few things I learned that may be useful:

  • Deepnest was very helpful to save material (it took 2 sheets of proofgrade maple for all of the inserts)

  • Don’t put all of the inserts from all of the ornaments together on one sheet. It turned into massive and frustrating jigsaw puzzle that took me about 4 hours to place everything.


You will be a hit this Christmas.

Nice job!

What a great idea! (And with all of them on the same tree, you could turn the Christmas tree into the Family Tree!)

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So is the maple inlayed, then? Wow, you must really like these people for how great these turned out :santa:

It’s not inlaid exactly. The walnut is cut all the way through then the maple is cut and lightly hammered into the hole.


That is some very beautiful work. By how much did you have to size up the maple to account for the kerf?

Wow, they look great! Funny story about the jigsaw puzzle—I got a chuckle out of that.

The kerf was 0.4mm, so I sized up the kerf by that amount on all sides. They were tight, but nothing a few light taps with a hammer couldn’t handle.

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