Christmas ornament snowflake

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Love it, subtle :slight_smile:

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LOVE! I am so excited to see all the Christmas stuff folks post! Thanks for sharing!

If you put the images behind a blur there won’t be an issue with the bad word on a G-rated site. I’m guessing someone was offended hence the flag :-/

They’re awfully pretty, and totes appropriate for the year!


thanks. and thanks for the advice to blur the curse word …its hilarious that its offensive! people need to lighten up. I really didn’t need to share it here …i learned my lesson.

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That is great! I had a good laugh!

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The forum is intentionally kept PG so the kids can enjoy it too and we just ask everyone to respect the community and rules. That being said, that snowflake isn’t the easiest file to make, so well done! You have every right to be proud of it.


thanks! yes it was a PIA to make this file. I was so happy when nothing fell apart.



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I know. What’s up with 10 year old kids nowdays? Can’t they appreciate a good joke? You’d think they were innocent or something. I mean, how many schools bought these for classrooms? Can’t be more than a few thousand. Sheesh, when are children going to lighten up and let adults have their fun?



Offensive is subjective. I personally dislike religious posts and gun posts, and think they’re harmful to children, yet if I started flagging those projects, people would have a hissy fit. Personally I liked this project and didn’t find any fault in it… so YMMV when it comes to trying to tell someone to lighten up…?


While this is true, let’s be real. Some things are generally considered to be inappropriate in places where kids are present, even if they don’t offend all of us as individuals. If it’s a forum rule, it’s reasonable to flag (although I think this could have been a request first). I think forums like this are generally not intended to be kid-friendly, so it’s not something everyone would consider before posting.

As for the snowflake, it came out great! They are very popular in the FB forums and seem especially appropriate this year. One of my friends got even less PG with hers. :slight_smile:


Just explain that it says Truck 2020. You could hang it all over at your nearest gas station or truck dealership.

Folk have done worse…



Absolutely thats what I was thinking the same thing

I never would have thought any child would be hanging out on GF forums …with us GF nerds…I guess im wrong.

Thanks for the compliment …I was just so excited I made this file.

Yeah whats even more funny a 10 year old hanging out on GF forums with us GF nerds …never thought that. It wasn’t meant to hurt anyone I was just stating a truth about 2020 and I was so proud of creating this file (im a wanna be graphic artist.) I wasnt posting it to offend anyone that’s for sure… Anyway I posted it several other places and I have tons of orders coming in for them.


The GF was heavily marketed to schools so there are a lot of kids using them. It’s reasonable to assume they’re also here (& we know Dan’s kids read the forum from past comments he’s made). That’s the reason they’ve set this up as G-rated friendly.

I didn’t have an issue but I expect that was why your post got flagged. It’s not unreasonable to find it offensive if your either a parent of one of those kids or their teacher.

The snowflake itself was well done & good font selection and the symmetry worked. Just needed to be blurred.

I was okay too. But calling out @deirdrebeth’s comment as hilarious that anyone here would find it offensive spurred my sarcasm.


Just like the terms of service every owner agreed to when they purchased their machine, there are terms of use for this forum that every member accepted when they signed up.

Also, this is, for some of us, our place of work. Please use the same level of decorum that you would at a workplace. For others, it’s a place we visit with our children. Please use the same language and care that you would if young ones are present.

I got it already… did you not see what I wrote above. Enough already …I know what to post and what not to. Take a chill pill it won’t happen again.

I remember you. You are the one who was nasty to me back in May. You made snide remarks about “eating animals” to hurt my feelings when I posted my Vegan engrave. That was one of the worst nights I had at work with covid. I told you I was a critical care nurse and you never apologized. I was exhausted and that remark actually sent me over the edge . Why do people have to be so mean?
I should have reported you.

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Perhaps some people should lighten up. Most people thought it was funny (look at the number of likes.)