Christmas stockings

Our traditional Lands’ End needlepoint stockings were organized into non existence by our “organizers” (except for the one belonging to my son’s ex!) so I had been thinking of replacement possibilities. I had wanted to give stocking shaped boxes with living hinges a try, but my imagination/ambition way exceeds my limited work time due to health issues (which are much better than earlier in the year, for which I am very grateful). So my husband brought these home from Ace Hardware, and left it to me to personalize them. I had thought of wood, but then my husband suggested the leather. The weave was loose enough I could attach the tags and hanging loops with jump rings, so it was pretty easy. Looking forward to what the younger generation thinks.


They look very classy - leather was a nice suggestion!


Very nice thanks for sharing.

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Nice design, I’m also a fan of the leather. They look so cosy with the fire, I love the hooks as well!


I think that’s a great way to personalize them. Good job!


I think you nailed it! They look wonderful!


The leather looks great … nice job!


Glad your doing better.

These look great. Welcome addition to future tradition.

It looks like you used the star as a cutout for the jump rings, which adds such a fun element to your design!

Thanks for all the kind words and thoughts.

I got the electric fireplace for my husband last year for Christmas. Most of the places he lived growing up had fireplaces- mostly ones that were actually used to keep warm- so he missed them. Naples,FL is not really a great place for fires.


That’s true but this will give the ambience! It looks like it from the photo anyway :slight_smile:

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We had an electric fireplace when we lived in Arizona because we liked the ambiance it gave. We brought it with us to Tennessee and it’s in my bedroom. We bought a larger one in our front room, because the real fireplace is in my craft room downstairs. So yeah, they’re nice even though you’re in Florida!

My biggest problem is I’m very allergic to wood smoke, so I have to be really careful. But since my GF is also in my craft room (naturally!), I haven’t even used the fireplace this year, because I don’t want it to get too hot! It’s usually 62-74 deg down here. It’s 67 right now, and I have the door open - at the end of December!

Yes, our friend who lives in Franklin,TN just visited. We thought the snow might keep him home, but fortunately it didn’t.

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